The Healing Connection

Jeannine LeBouthillier M.A.Psych, Spiritual Therapist

In my practice, I infuse psychotherapeutic work with an awareness of the energetic and spiritual currents that flow within each of us. I integrate therapy with energy work, mindfulness, and a connection with Mother Earth. I support others in deepening their connection with self and Spirit; facilitating a greater sense of joy, trust and ease in their daily lives.

Are you tired of:

*the noise and busyness of your daily life interfering with   your ability to connect with your inner voice & guidance

*your beliefs that you’ve carried forward from childhood getting in the way of being You?

* feeling lethargic and lifeless?

*feeling overwhelmed and stressed in your life and relationships?

Are you ready to:

*tune into your inner voice?

*realize your gifts & abilities, and your purpose here?*discover and accept the divine within you?

*become empowered and create the life you want?

*free yourself from the self-judgement and criticism that stops you from fully expressing the magnificence of who it is that you are?

*come to a place of deep, unwavering acceptance and love of yourself, who you are in this very moment?

Let’s work together to support you in empowering yourself and seeing the amazing potential of every moment.

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